Hello, Mister Postman – Nila and Tara


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Hello, Mister Postman – by Nila and Tara

Do you know what happens when you write a letter to a stranger?

Twelve-year-old Shruti finds out when she writes a letter to Mrinalini after reading her story in a children’s magazine. Together, they begin to deconstruct the adult(erated) world and infuse in it the innocence and wit only children are capable of bringing. They become each other’s penfriends, literary critics, and confidantes. Their stories meander through bathrooms, parks, old age homes, local trains, and much more, in the process forming a bond that speaks of love. The journey they set out upon helps them bloom into young writers and beautiful souls. However, as the adage goes, all good things must come to end.

But then, should it always?

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